About Allison and Silver Academic Editing

Areas of specialty 

PhD in Linguistics (UC Santa Barbara)
       • PhD Emphasis in Applied Linguistics

Humanities and Social sciences, especially including: 
• Linguistics (any sub-fields of functional Linguistics)
                     • Applied Linguistics (and Second Language Acquisition)

• Sociology (and Sociocultural Linguistics)
• Conversation Analysis
• History
• Art History
• Education

Academic writing by non-native English speakers

Linguistics/Conversation Analysis research on:
                • English data
                • Japanese data
                • Korean data
                • Spanish data

Why “Silver”?

Silver Academic Editing was created in 2014, although my editing experience reaches back to 2004. “Perfectionism” could be my middle name, but my real middle name is “Silver.” Since it is easier to pronounce – and easier to remember – than my last name, Adelman, I chose to use “Silver” for my freelance editing work.
~ Allison