Welcome to Silver Academic Editing

Do you write scholarly articles? Are you working on a book chapter, monograph, or dissertation?

I’m here to help. 

Let me strengthen your writing as I edit for style, structure, and clarity of content. My job also includes proofreading your work for typos, errors, and consistency of formatting.

Are you putting together an edited volume or journal issue?

I specialize in academic editing in the humanities and social sciences, particularly in the fields of Linguistics, Conversation Analysis, History, Art History, and Education, though I have experience editing in other academic fields as well. (For more on my previous experience, see the About Allison and Testimonials pages.)

I enjoy working with volume editors to copyedit the writing of multiple authors while ensuring consistency of style and formatting across the volume.

Is English your second language? I would be glad to help with your writing, too!

I speak Japanese and Spanish, and I’m conversant in Korean – I have extensive experience editing the English academic writing of Japanese, Korean, Chinese, and German scholars, as well as other multilingual writers.

For multilingual authors, I also take the time to provide feedback on English expressions and colloquial vs. written usage, in addition to correcting English errors. I’ll help transform your writing, giving it a polished and professional tone, while answering your questions about English academic writing conventions along the way.

My meticulous nature and eye for detail allow me to work carefully and efficiently, as I refine your writing.

I look forward to hearing from you!

Allison Silver Adelman

Ph.D. in Linguistics
(University of California, Santa Barbara)

Photo of Allison smiling in a cafe
Allison standing in front of the curving bookshelves in the Stockholm public library