Correction of typos and grammatical errors; proofreading for consistency of formatting (e.g., bulleted lists, font styles and sizes, tables/charts).

Proofreading quotes are calculated per page (based on word count).


Includes all Proofreading services in addition to feedback on sentence structure, grammar, style, and word choice, as well as suggestions for improving the organization of the content and the clarity of the argument(s).

Editing also includes assistance with formatting according to the specific style guide of the journal or publishing company.

Editing quotes are calculated per page (based on word count).

Long-term Projects

Proofreading or editing of longer and/or long-term ongoing projects such as dissertations, theses, monographs, or textbooks.

Includes all Proofreading services or Editing services, with the understanding that the project will likely require me to work on some pages, sections, or chapters multiple times each, as they are revised by their author(s). I can also help with organization of the content, conceptual consulting, and direct communication with the publisher.

Estimated rates for Long-term Projects are calculated per hour.

Rush Projects

Subject to availability; Quotes are calculated per page at an increased rate.


I am happy to offer discounted rates to current students.

I may also offer you a discounted rate if you spread the word and refer another client to me. 

Silver Academic Editing can help you with your:

  • journal article
  • conference paper
  • conference talk/slides
  • master’s thesis
  • doctoral dissertation
  • dissertation chapter
  • grant proposal
  • book
  • book chapter
  • textbook
  • syllabus
  • personal statement
  • cover letter
  • resume or CV

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